Current Status

Currently, the club has a website built out and a team of writers who meet every week. The time and place of the meetings will vary. Those who are choosing the digital learning option are going to participate in Zoom meetings while the others are meeting in person during Research. No matter how students choose to collaborate, quality articles will be released to the entire school every other week.

The Four Categories

The “News” section will promote important school events such as Open House, yearly homecomings, spring dances, Tournament of the Knights (ToK), movie nights, testing dates, scholarship opportunities, and deadlines for college applications or event purchases. Students would have access to a trustworthy site where they could browse through the most crucial updates they tend to miss when passing by hallway posters. Therefore, the “News” section will aid the students and staff of NeoCity by serving as a biweekly breakdown/announcement.

How to navigate the Knight Times newspaper

You can read the newspaper at Writers will publish new and fresh articles for students to gain insight on whats going on in our school. This website will be filled with more info and articles.

Join Us

For any students who are interested in joining the club, please fill out the form below. We would love to have you!

Our Newspaper focuses on writing 4 articles: News, Features, A&E, and Insights. We publish bi-weekly articles.Coming from NeoCity Academy in Osceola District ..

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