Top 9 Christmas Movies To Watch

Winter Break is here! With that, there are many activities you can do during the break. One holiday favorite is watching Christmas movies. Here are 10 Christmas movies the Knight Times team recommends watching over the next few days of break.

#9: Elf: Buddy’s Sing & Cheer Along (PG)

This movie is a holiday favorite and can be watched every year for many reasons. One reason could be that the techniques used for cinematography allowed the movie to age perfectly over time. Although the budget given for the movie was small, it still gave the audience a fun and easy-going experience.

#8: The Santa Clause 2 (PG)

This movie was recommended because of its bizarre plot. On top of that, the main antagonist, Robo-Santa, had an amazing standpoint. Therefore, it is one of the greatest Man Vs. Machine movies out there.

#7: Home Alone 2 (PG)

Movie fanatics like this movie in particular because of its general concept. In this movie, a little boy boards the wrong plane and gets stuck somewhere without his family. On top of that, he must face the same two burglars he once fought before. Although there are a lot of exciting parts to this movie, it is best left unspoiled.

#6: Nightmare Before Christmas (PG)

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a holiday classic that everyone should watch. It is enjoyable and a great watch with family and friends.

#5: The Polar Express (PG)

“The Polar Express” is widely recognized because it’s commonly aired on TV during the holidays. It’s an enjoyable movie that people can re-watch every year.

#4: The Santa Clause (PG)

Many people like this one mainly because it has a great character development story. The movie allowed Tim Allen, a character, to truly become the Santa Clause. He goes through many transformations in both personality and features. Another fan favorite part would be where the former Santa Clause was iced by Tim Allen from his organization, “The Buds”.

#3: Disney’s A Christmas Carol (PG)

Disney’s “A Christmas Carol” is also a classic that people love watching over the years. This classic is a favorite because it gives the important lesson that sometime people must truly accept the past and move on for the betterment of others.

#2: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) (PG)

Many people love” How the Grinch Stole Christmas” because of Jim Carrey’s role as the Grinch. The character was played out very well, which allowed the movie to be a timeless classic.

#1: Home Alone (PG)

People enjoy Home Alone because it’s wacky/funny moments. The way Kevin McCallister handles situations in the movie makes this a comical and enjoyable film.

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Our Newspaper focuses on writing 4 articles: News, Features, A&E, and Insights. We publish bi-weekly articles.Coming from NeoCity Academy in Osceola District ..

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Our Newspaper focuses on writing 4 articles: News, Features, A&E, and Insights. We publish bi-weekly articles.Coming from NeoCity Academy in Osceola District ..

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