How the entertainment industry changed

Movies and TV shows are a huge part of how we entertain ourselves. Streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Video, and due to this epidemic, much more have joined the fray such as HBO Max and Peacock. The epidemic drastically changed the movie industry. Theaters have been forced to shut down as they could lead to a spread of the virus. Because of this, streaming services have been dominating the industry. Over the span of COVID-19, more people around the world started watching shows to entertain themselves while in quarantine. Usually, to watch the newest movies, people are required to go to theaters such as AMC, Regal, Cinemark, etc. However, as time goes on, movies have evolved, and so has the way you may view them. Streaming services have revolutionized how and where people can view -new or upcoming, to old and classic- movies and TV shows. You could be watching the latest Marvel movie on your couch, or even catch up on “The Sopranos” during your commute.

What Are Companies Doing To Get Customers To Enjoy A Movie?

Safety of the viewers is very concerning. If the theaters don’t take certain precautions,. the disease could be transferred from one person to another, or to an entire theater. In order to prevent such an event from happening, theaters need to maintain the cleanliness of the building. This includes wiping down machines frequently, cleaning out bathrooms as that is a cesspit for bacteria, disinfecting doorknobs, and many more. Social distancing practices must also be in order. Viewers and workers should be required to wear masks to receive entry and there must be 6 ft of distance between people in order to prevent spread of the disease. These may be necessary precautions to keep movie theaters, however there is another option employed that may just be the best yet.

Drive In Movies

Are Drive In’s The New Way To Enjoy Movies While Still Remaining Safe?

What the Future Of Movie Theaters Looks Like

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