How Are You Going To School This Year?

Everyone can agree that the past eight months may not have been the most desirable, and with the continuous spread of COVID-19, many students are wondering how they will attend school. Through hopes of adapting to the unfortunate circumstances, Osceola County provided parents and their children an alternative for returning to school in 2020: online schooling! Most students had a taste of this at the end of the last school year, so this option is not too unfamiliar. However, similar to going to school in person, new standards and routines may be implemented to last the semester. The following interviews are from two students that have opposing thoughts on the subject.

Virtual-Learning Option

In-Person Learning Option


On the other hand, the latter interview gives the perspective of a student who will be attending school in person. This anonymous speaker believes that they gain a personal advantage going to school in person as: they may have a set schedule, learn easier with teachers to guide them, and interact with more people. Even with the upsides, this student knows that they are at risk and will try to stay safe by following the COVID-19 guidelines and wearing masks at all times.

Hopefully students understand the pros and cons of the two options. The interviews shown in this article may have given them a better feel for what their classmates are experiencing this fall. It’s important to understand the different factors when choosing virtual or in-person school since the traditional routine has been changed. In the end, it’s best for students to pick the option that ensures safety and a good learning experience.

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