Everything You Need To Know About The 2020–2021 SGA Elections

The Student Government Association (SGA) is a student run organization within NeoCity Academy. Events and ceremonies held by the school are planned by SGA and the officers elected by the student body. NeoCity Academy has had a wonderful group of students each year within the SGA that all work together in order to create a fun and exciting school year. The different officer positions that an SGA member can run for includes President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Club Ambassador, and a Class President for every grade level. Everyone else within SGA is then split into different committees that handles responsibilities such as funding for clubs to the planning of fun events. The four committees are for events, student outreach, and finance. It is up to the entire school to elect members of the SGA for the different officer positions.

How You Can Vote:

Campaigning for the SGA officer positions start on September 28th and end on October 1st. This will give time for students to meet and talk with the different candidates for each role. Physical campaigning such as giving flyers to people or giving people food is strictly forbidden. This is done in order to allow for digital students to learn about the candidate that they want to vote for. The elections will be held the next day, October 2nd. Students will be voting on a link given out on the day of the election. The results of the election will be announced at the end of the day.

To watch the campaign videos, please visit: https://flipgrid.com/neocsga

Who’s Running For the 2020 SGA Officer Positions?


  • Victor M.
  • Nicholas O.
  • Abdurrahman B.

Vice President:

  • Kandace B.
  • Gadiel R.
  • Anthony C.


  • Melina H.


  • William M.
  • Emily V.

Club Ambassador:

  • Emmy L.
  • Elise E.

Junior Class President:

  • Joshua M.

Sophmore Class President

  • Farangist L.

Freshman Class President

  • Breana S.
  • Bekzod I.
  • Zeyad A.
  • Christopher K.
  • Xadhiel B.
  • Victor P.

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