Do you really need a college degree to be successful in life? Is college worth it?

Elon musk and other successful people are now the top people that rule our technology, society, and how we do things. In an Instagram Reel, Elon musks states, “Colleges are for fun and that you can do your chores” Some people agree with this statements. Multiple people of wealth and fame and intelligence such as Elon musk, Bill gates, and others say the same thing. College isn’t nessecary to succeed. In fact, Elon in previous interviews stated that you don’t have to have a college degree or a high school degree to work at Tesla. You just need to demonstrate that you are willing to work hard and demonstrate that you can apply the things they teach you to that job. So, the big question here is “Why do colleges exist and do you need to go to college to be successful in life”?

The Big Question



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